Welcome to Vattir

Vattir is developing a cloud service to connect the farm. The ambition is to make the whole farm easily accessible in one place for surveillance and control. At the heart is a system of connections that at a low cost makes it possible to connect machines and sensors far outside the reach of Wi-Fi, presenting new opportunities to make the farm more transparent and productive.

What is it like to be a farmer?

Being a farmer entails waking up early and working long hours to tend to animals, land, and home. There is much to keep track of, much to keep in mind, and always something that requires attention and care. Yet the farmer works with spirit and heart for the land and animals that are her family.

By keeping an extra eye on the farm and being an extended arm in her work Vattir wants to make her days a little easier and give her peace of mind when she rests.

Would you like to get behind our mission to carry some of the farmer's workload? Get in touch with us at info@vattir.com and explore how we can collaborate.


KTH Innovation

Vattir is admitted to the KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator Programme accessing office space at KTH Royal Insitute of Technology in Stockolm and expert support from KTH Innovation's business coaches

Most User Benefit

Vattir receives an honors award for most user benefit in the 2021 finals of Hushållningssällskapet's Agtech Challenge in a ceremony attended by among others the director general of the Swedish Department of Agriculture and a member of the Swedish parliament

Agtech Challenge

Vattir is one of 15 finalists in Hushållningssällskapet's Agtech Challenge 2021

Contact: info@vattir.com